Tax-Aid is fortunate to have corporate support and volunteers at many of the Tax-Aid sites. We were thrilled to have two companies that wanted to volunteer to work side by side.

Teams of volunteers from KPMG LLP and LendingClub joined forces and came together to volunteer at the Tax-Aid site at Tenderloin Community School.

Erika Bonner is a Tax Partner at KPMG.

“Tax-Aid is an amazing opportunity to give back to our community, and we’re thrilled at an ongoing relationship with Tax-Aid.  Partnering with our friends at LendingClub for a Saturday at the Tenderloin location made it even better!”

Joanne Chang is VP of Corporate Tax for Lending Club.

“I volunteered with Tax-Aid at the KPMG site many years ago with my family and friends.  After kids, our weekends were packed with other responsibilities. As the kids are older now, I wanted to return to volunteering at Tax-Aid.  Returning to the Tenderloin Community Center was almost the same as it was over 10 years ago.  Scott Marlow is still dedicating his Saturdays to creating the best site for Tax-Aid clients.  Tax-Aid is such a wonderful program and I love that I can volunteer with my family, and now with my friends at LendingClub and KPMG.  Thank you Tax-Aid for bringing this service to our community.”

“Tax-Aid is an ideal opportunity for financial professionals to use their knowledge for greater community good,” said Chief Audit Executive Brad Coleman. “Helping people understand tax rules and how to file their tax returns resonates with our goal of helping people in their financial lives.”

Thank you to those who spearheaded this event. Pictured below are Tim Bogan, Chief Risk Officer; Scott Marlow, Audit Training Support Team at KPMG LLP, and Tax-Aid volunteer site manager; and Joanne Chang, VP of Corporate Tax for Lending Club.